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The Waterworks Property

Natural Burial


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Vermont Family Forests is working with The Watershed Center to advance the idea of creating a natural burial site on the Waterworks Property. Such a site would allow local residents the opportunity to inter unembalmed or cremated remains of a loved one in a beautiful natural setting. Such “green” burial is another step in manifesting a sustainable relationship with the natural communities in which we live, since the body is prepared for burial without preservatives and is placed in a biodegradable coffin, allowing it to readily decompose and return to the soil.

 In 2007, David Brynn worked with a team of University of Vermont students to conduct a study exploring the opportunities and constraints of this idea. Now he is working Helen Young of The Watershed Center as well as with Vermont Land Trust and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board—the two easement holders on the property—to explore the feasibility of this project within the constraints of existing easements.

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