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Conserving The Health Of Our Local Forest Community

The Waterworks Property

The Legacy Tree Project

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To raise funds for conservation of an ecologically important piece of land that neighbors the Waterworks Property and to raise awareness of forest health in the process, Vermont FamilyForests and The Watershed Center collaborated on what they called the Legacy Tree Project.

VFF founder David Brynn and several other TWC board members selected 32 outstanding “legacy trees”—a term used to describe their importance within the forest community as mature, seed-producing members. Photographer Jonathan Blake took stunning black-and-white photographs of each tree.

Community members then had the opportunity to purchase the right to bear witness to the life of one of the 32 trees. For $250, a community member would receive a framed photograph of “their” tree, a certificate with its details, and a map of the property showing where the tree is located (see a poster for the fund-raising event here).

Several Legacy Trees remain available for adoption. Contact VFF for details.