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The Waterworks Property

Current Forestry Work Underway


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Shortly before The Watershed Center purchased the Waterworks Property, the forest underwent a very significant timber harvest. As a result, Vermont Family Forests recommended that all of TWC’s forest management during the first 15 years of stewardship should focus on aiding the forest’s recovery.

As such, TWC stabilized the property’s main access trail by creating (with the help of then instructor Bill Scott and his Forestry Class at the Patricia Hannaford Career Development Center) erosion control on existing roads and trails including more than 150  broadbased dips, as well as by constructing new trail segments at much more favorable grades, and closing steep and unstable sections. Volunteers released hundreds of wind-firm mast and other legacy trees. They girdled trees to provide nesting habitat and food sources, and felled other trees and left these on the ground to rot and to provide habitat for critters like red-backed salamanders.

In 2010, David Brynn revised the Waterworks Property Forest Conservation Plan. This plan—like all VFF-verified forest conservation plans—continues to place the highest priority on maintaining forest health. As such, the plan calls for additional erosion control, as well as actions to reduce invasive exotics and unauthorized ATV activity. In addition, the plan identifies forested areas that could support sustainable commercial harvests. The sale of wood from these harvests will, in turn, support TWC’s continued stewardship of the property. The sale will allow for the construction of over 4500 feet of additional trail to provide stable, aesthetically pleasing, recreational access to the area. The sale will also provide high quality timber products to local sawmill and woodworking firms and will generate some local firewood for our neighbors.